Ellen Witte

Ellen believes now is the time to address the wicked challenges our society is facing.
Ellen is one of SGS’s leaders in housing policy. She leads the annual award-winning rental affordability index of Australia. In addition, Ellen leads climate change adaptation, mitigation and risk services at SGS.

Ellen has expertise in policy advice, governance, business case development and social, economic and financial analysis. She believes in the power of engagement and collaboration and uses her communication, facilitation and consultation skills to deliver solutions that are developed with and owned by clients, stakeholders and communities.

Ellen has managed many large projects that involve multiple clients and stakeholders around wicked issues such as governance reform, transitioning to a low carbon economy and housing affordability and homelessness.

She is a regular media commentator and speaker at conferences and events, which support her passion for engaging with stakeholders to make lasting impacts in the public interest.

Ellen has substantial governance and director experience, having served on multiple boards.